SK Energy

Turn Your BrownField Asset Into A BrightField

SK Energy converts environmentally damaged properties, otherwise known as brownfields into locations that can host solar power and more. Have an asset you want to discuss with us about? Reach out below.

We Acquire Or Partner With Property Owners

SK Energy acquires or deals with brownfield remediation sites, power plants, plastics and chemicals facilities, Mining sites, paper and steel mills, smelter operations and food processing plants. If you own or looking to sell reach out to see how a brownfield to brightfield conversion can help you monetize your asset for more than the assessed value of the land. 

Why Choose SK Energy?

SK Energy is a full service EPC which can arrange for everything from financing and pre-development to engineering and construction to convert your asset into a brightfield. With partners in each state, SK Energy is in a unique position to transform large, brownfield or environmentally damaged industrial assets into revenue generating and socially responsible locations that benefit everyone from the owners to the electric utilities.

Convert Your Brownfield Into a Brightfield Today